Nervous. Excited. Thrilled.

Yeah, those are the words that perfectly describe my emotions these days. I sometimes gulp my sentiments and at times smile wide in the wake of a new journey that’s coming up.

I have read a lot about how this decision is not the best one. Subtly, opinionated answers give me a way to think in a different manner. Nevertheless, for now, I prefer staying dripped in these emotions as long as I find my purpose.

After staying at home for about 3 months, I know it’s going to be tough out there. I know it will be lonely at times, with people, yet no people. Guess what, I am ready for the same. I believe it’s only till we face it, we learn and grow.

So, Bangalore, I’m coming. ❤️


My Collection of Poems

My laptop’s screensaver always read- “Write the book you want to read.”


So, I did!


This is something I’m grateful for, to every single force in the universe that helped me make this happen❤

For sample copies, contact me:)



This Summer Night

It’s unlike other nights

that comes and goes by

Without a flicker, in silence

the mild lights


This summer night

is magic

in a way a lover beholds

his beloved

When Angry, Walk!

When you feel angry
Just walk away
Keep walking
Don’t stop
Until you cease to burn

In lanes canopied
lush green trees
Just walk
Until it’s digested

Push it further
Vacate your aches
Apply medicated songs
As a medium
To reimburse the pain

Join the natural forces
To fill positivity
Scream in silence
And walk again


The moment intensified
When the hands met
Fingers tickled
Locking unlocking continued
And each touch touched deep
Like a hormonal gush it came
When I remember not
You smelled me
Inhaled me
And I vaporised
Only to escape
A sudden urge to hug
Crept in like a silent storm
Dripping in souls
all so out of hand
Out of mind
Out of space
Out of the universe
Silence and noise
The world in mute
It’s only the beating
Of the one you hold

Write. That is what you’re made for!

This, I write to me, the ‘me’ who sometimes disguises herself from the fact that she can.

I always wait for an urge that would drive me crazy or compelling to write. Yes, today is no exception. However, this thing won’t work. This is also to all those who think they can write- ‘just write and let be’. That is one thing and all that makes you better at it. Remember about the compo which touched all your friends’ heart? Or the one that was appreciated by your English teacher back at school? C’mon you have your own favourite list as well. You don’t really need to wait for that best piece to drop by or an incredible idea to jumpstart your writing. Maybe in your way you come across something astonishing.

There are powers in the universe which make me realise what I’m meant for. I stick to them. So shall you.


In Search Of Ideas


[I] ‘Tony and Susan’


Tony curses him for not being brave enough to save his wife and daughter from the monsters Ray, Turk and Lou who hithatched them on their road-trip to Maine. They separated them, dumped him in the woods and his family near the trailer. He walked the entire night in search of Laura, his wife and daughter Helen. Only in the morning did he discover them in the woods among the bushes. Naked. Raped. Dead.





[II] ‘The Zahir’

Esther is missing. It has been two long years that Paulo found his wife dissapeared. No message, no reasons. Just gone. Leaving him with the mysteries and the need to find the truth of love and life. Will he meet his wife? Why did she leave in the first place? Did they lack something in their 10 year long marriage?





I have been in search of something too. Some realisations have to be made. It’s more like making yourself believe a fact your heart resists to believe. To stay in illusion is no good. Maybe it is. You keep away from outbursting. But how long? It has to pour out oneday. It is like you know your loss is heavy but you don’t yet feel its weight.

What do you do in such cases?

I write. Maybe read too. Like a hell lot. Though it hasn’t made me feel the weight yet, I just takes me away for a while.

The thoughts will return soon, that I know. Till then I keep myself occupied. In search of ideas. To write something good. Something like you read above. Or maybe entirely different. It’s all so unpredictable. I keep my search going.



Today I Got My First Book Published

It was a great moment when I saw the published version of ‘The Sweet Disaster’. All the goodwills started flowing in from there on. I was super happy and excited to share it to my friends. It wouldn’t have been possible without them. I was excited to tell mommy and daddy. I sent the link to my younger brother and asked him to show to them. He said he was not able to open the book. I told him that he needed to buy one but I’d send him a free copy sometimes later. Just then papa said from behind “I want to buy it. I’ll deposit 2k in your account”. I was like- papa❤ you make me happy like hell, I love you.


I never knew it meant soo much for him. Seeing his daughter’s first book published.


Here’s a link to it. I hope you also read it, review it and share in your circle. That would mean a lot to me.

I Live While I Still Can

If you asked me if I believe in love stories or not, I wouldn’t say no. I can write a whole book on why love can be your sweetest muse. Perhaps, it’s all but permanent. However, I would like to pen down something really different today. Something real. Something deep.

It was a cool summer night, the time just after a beautiful pour. I stood near the window by the staircase where I keenly observed how beautiful nature is and how some of us simply fail to acknowledge its serenity! And while I looked at the endless spell of the dim lights running through the dense trees and the light reflecting on the grasses, and the breeze touching my body, I felt a new zeal invoking me. Then there was this familiar voice- intriguing, captive and appealing. It was like peanut butter or say like honey coated dark chocolate or just a real human voice that I’m fond of; it’s difficult to describe. The voice pulled in an urge to never lose a moment there.

The time of our lives is hard to be defined but trust me when the silence between two people works like magic even after years, that’s something worth being happy with damp eyes.